The main objectives of the research programme are:

  1. Developing engineered thermochemical processes (based on pyrolysis and hydrothermal carbonisation from dry and wet biomass sources, respectively) to produce tailor-made biomass-derived carbons (BCs).
  2. Developing novel low-cost carbon materials from BCs through a unique set of functionalisation protocols.
  3. Using the resulting carbon materials in advanced applications in heterogeneous catalysis for renewable energy as well as pollutants removal.
  4. Analysing the feasibility of using BCs as soil enhancers and CO2 capture and sequestration agents.


The research programme of GreenCarbon consists of four strongly interconnected and interdependent work packages (WPs) 4–7.

Lead Beneficiary: UGent
Other partners involved: UNIZAR, AstonU, FHG, Organics, DBFZ, Pyreg
ESRs involved: ESR 1, ESR 2, ESR 3; ESR 4
Objective: developing engineered pyrolysis processes –that can be taken to market– from dry biowaste sources with the view to produce tailor-made BCs.

Main Tasks:

  • Selection of several dry waste biomass samples in terms of potential sustainability
  • Setting the most appropriate slow pyrolysis process conditions (e.g., pressure, peak temperature, residence time of the vapour phase)
  • Continuous intermediate pyrolysis: assessing the effect of the operating conditions on the properties of the produced BCs
  • Simultaneous production of BC and bio-oil by fast pyrolysis: establishing the best set of operating conditions
  • Development and validation of a comprehensive pyrolysis/carbonisation model